Death in the Afternoon: Domingo de Roma Bullfight

Attending a bullfight was not something I really had high on my list for things to do in Madrid, but last weekend I was traveling in and around Pamplona in the north of… Continue reading

Caving in Budapest

I have a thing for being up high. When I was a kid I climbed every tree in sight and would just hang out there. I also never really liked skiing, but as… Continue reading

Spring Break Sneak Peek: Budapest.

Spring Break Sneak Peek: Berlin

Spring Break Sneak Peek: Prague

Lent: Deeds of Justice & Service

Lent is my favorite. Even though it’s a completely made up season with only a symbolic basis in a myriad of random biblical traditions, I love it. I like it more than Christmas… Continue reading

Adventures in Spanglish, of course.

Having not yet left the country, and living with Amelia, who speaks zero English, I’m picking up Spanish at an impressive rate. I’ve surprised myself how much I can understand – knowing French… Continue reading

Reason #756 Europe is Great.

Because in Barcelona, I counted 5 different languages on this newspaper rack. And none of them were English. That is great.

A Month in the “Kingdom of Decadence”

As of this week, I have been in Madrid for a whole month. What !? It does not feel like that, or maybe it does? I’m not really sure. But here’s a couple… Continue reading


Well I have yet again woven my way through Logan International Airport – from the Blue Line, onto the shuttle, through the ticket kiosks, bag check, through security lines and scanners, and now… Continue reading