Letters from the Kids

One of the greatest things the kids have been doing this year is letter-writing. We had a wonderful volunteer who wrote each a letter just to them when she left several weeks ago. They loved it! So, they’ve taken to writing letters to all the volunteers, and demanding that they get one in return, of course, to keep it going back and forth. This is just one of them – from Augustine. My favorite lines: “I loves all people and I do not discriminate,” and “I joke around with my friends in class when my teacher is not in class.” Very true, very true.

Augustine's Letter

Here also, are the many variant spellings of “Cori,” as interpreted by the African child’s ear. I’m told everywhere as far as Kasoa to the Zambian Embassy in DC that my name is difficult for Africans to pronounce. This is confirmation of that, indeed…

Variations of Cori

The most common is “Corin.” Somehow the imagined ‘n’ on the end allows them to pronounce the ‘r’ well enough to make it sound the closest to the real thing. So I think I’ve adopted that as my African name.