Well I have yet again woven my way through Logan International Airport – from the Blue Line, onto the shuttle, through the ticket kiosks, bag check, through security lines and scanners, and now find myself waiting to board a plane! I’m not headed to Ghana, nor a random US city for a school conference, nor even back to DC.

This time it’s Europe. And that is exciting.

I am off to study abroad! A sentence I never thought I’d be saying. (I also never envision myself taking this cliche photo, but alas it was appropriate). The convoluted path I wove my way through long before the security lines here at the airport, was an adventure unto itself. The traditional concept of “Study Abroad” and I never really hit it off… I was too picky, to be fair. I tried to go to the American University in Cairo, but the Arab Spring kept me stateside (understandable, I suppose). I hoped to serve a semester in Thailand or India, only for the University to learn the necessary legal agreement no longer existed. I was encouraged by the InterFuture program to spend a year doing independent research abroad, before the program was swept under rather suddenly (and I still believe wrongly). Our Dakar, Senegal campus closed my sophomore year (I’m still trying to be diplomatic about that one). Finally, I made it halfway through the process to study at Koc University, until I was forced to choose between Istanbul and an internship at the State Department.

Madrid, on the other hand, quite honestly began during typical conversation over a round of Sam Adams with a few of my best friends. It was my last week of summer and I had just landed back in America a mere three weeks earlier. The thought popped into my head: Why not go to Madrid in the Spring? I remember saying it aloud, that I wanted to go to Madrid in the Spring, not sure at all where it came from. But I never let go of it, or it never let go of me. It was a whim I followed, but one that became evermore complicated and even in the last 72 hours threatened to fall apart and leave me behind in Boston. While it started rather randomly, my resolution to go was tested and tried, again and again. Having emerged out of those trials to be on my way, my semester in Madrid is already shaping up to be much different than I expected… But that is truly even more exciting.

For all the paths my college career could have woven through, this was without a doubt the right one, ending here with the beginning of one last adventure before I put on that always becoming cap and gown in May. As often as I have found myself in this very position these few years, waiting to embark toward something and somewhere new, it is always the same thought running through my heart and mind: I am so incredibly blessed.