I started this blog in May of 2013, just before I boarded a plane to spend my second summer living and working in Ghana, West Africa. It’s original intent was simple, just to keep friends and family updated on my travels and work abroad that summer. Naturally, it has grown into something more significant as I have traveled, moved, and worked in a handful of different places over the last couple years – telling my story and sharing my life with those who care to read it. It’s admittedly also become a therapeutic space for me, one I’ve grown to appreciate through many transitions in my life. The title of the blog is of course intentional and I like to think fitting not only for a blog, but a very important part of my life as well. In essence, to “travel and serve” are two things that have defined much of my life. I love to travel because I’m sincerely interested in this world, and I love to serve because I sincerely care about its people.

With that said, this is me – of course, in blog form. When I began this blog I was studying International Affairs at Suffolk University, where I shared my work with a local community based organization in Ghana and my whimsical travels around Europe. I have since graduated, spent a wonderful year working for World Vision International, learning invaluable lessons about my career field, and most recently – I accepted a Peace Corps assignment to serve as an Environmental and Food Security Volunteer for 27 months in Togo, West Africa. So these days, that’s where I’m blogging from! It’s been quite a journey, as God lead me away from my roots in Maine, and out again from my second home in Boston, but it has been full of immeasurable blessings as well.

Thanks for taking the time to be a part of it here!