In and Around Kumasi

One of the things on my list that I never got to last year was a trip to Kumasi – Ghana’s other city apart from Accra. It had always been of interest to… Continue reading

Letters from the Kids

One of the greatest things the kids have been doing this year is letter-writing. We had a wonderful volunteer who wrote each a letter just to them when she left several weeks ago.… Continue reading

Home & Life in Ghana

When I tell people that I spend my summers in Ghana, many ask: “Where do you live when you go?” “What are the conditions like?” or the less tactful, “Do you live in… Continue reading

A Day’s Work

Now that I’ve been settled in for a couple weeks, I ought to tell you all what exactly it is I do here. I haven’t gone on any adventurous weekend trips yet –… Continue reading

The West African Children’s Foundation

I have heard the story of how the WACF started on several occasions – likely as many times as volunteers have asked, which is surprisingly few, if I actually stop to think about… Continue reading


Wednesday May 22 There is an Akan symbol called “Sankofa,” here in Ghana. It’s a simple shape, similar to a heart but with open ends at the bottom. Fairly ubiquitous, it is found… Continue reading

Amsterdam, real quick.

My five hours wandering around Amsterdam and three more sleeping in its airport hardly merit its own post, but they were rather comical, worth the share I suppose.   Amsterdam was properly hung… Continue reading

A Quick Introduction

This blog is something I wish I had done before I left last year. For those of you who kept tabs on my time at the West African Children’s Foundation in Ghana last… Continue reading