All Settled In

Funfact: this week marks my 6 month anniversary of being in Togo. What !? I have no idea how that’s possibly true, but the calendar tells me it’s so. Time seems to work… Continue reading

A Whirlwind of a Start !

Hello my dear friends and family! I’m writing this from my new home for the next ten weeks – in a little village called Zafi in the Maritime Region of Togo, just under… Continue reading

A Love Letter to DC: Part I

When I lived in DC for just a semester during my undergrad, now two years ago, I didn’t fall in love with this city. I left not entirely convicted that it was where I… Continue reading

“She who loves watching the daybreak must not be afraid of the dark”

It’s official! And I’m thrilled to announce it: After much soul-searching (read: agonizing, in true Cori-fashion), I have decided to embark on my next long-awaited adventure: the Peace Corps, serving as an Environmental… Continue reading

Death in the Afternoon: Domingo de Roma Bullfight

Attending a bullfight was not something I really had high on my list for things to do in Madrid, but last weekend I was traveling in and around Pamplona in the north of… Continue reading

Caving in Budapest

I have a thing for being up high. When I was a kid I climbed every tree in sight and would just hang out there. I also never really liked skiing, but as… Continue reading




Lent: Deeds of Justice & Service

Lent is my favorite. Even though it’s a completely made up season with only a symbolic basis in a myriad of random biblical traditions, I love it. I like it more than Christmas… Continue reading